About Weimar

Weimar International Marketing Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. When it was established, it was an officially authorized agent for foreign professional golf brands. In view of the uncertainty of agency rights often due to people and time, it simultaneously developed a high-quality self-created brand GP (GoPlayer). At the same time, it holds the Taiwan agent authorization for the American PGA TOUR brand, BLKTEE GOLF brand, and TEETIMES GOLF brand, and continues to produce high-quality golf bags, clothing bags, clothing, hats, gloves, hat clips, shoes... and other series of products.

Taiwan has always led the world in the field of golf manufacturing and R&D. World-class brands are OEMed by Taiwanese factories, but they can only earn meager processing profits. Therefore, Taiwan’s own brands are rare. Our company has long been equipped with professional design and R&D Ability, keen understanding of market trends, and long-term close cooperation with production plants, the self-created brand GP (GoPlayer) was launched in the Taiwan market in 2007. It immediately gained recognition from local consumers who are extremely insistent on quality and quickly occupied a place. Over the years With steady growth, it has become the local manufacturer that sells the most golf accessories products in Taiwan. This coincides with the government's vigorous promotion of the Taiwanese brand MIT (Made in Taiwan) strategy in the past few years, and has been successfully combined with increasingly keeping up with the world's mainstream designs, making it The Chinese people recognize the excellence of the quality of Taiwan's brand products and hope that in the future they can expand their services to international golf enthusiasts and shine in the world.

Our company promises to take advantage of the industrial advantages of manufacturing in Taiwan and combine it with top-notch design resources. In addition to continuing to be an agent or general distributor of international brands, we also continue to take a longer-term path of creating our own brands, combining the most competitive and excellent production plants. Develop a series of golf gloves, belts, glasses, club covers, etc., mainly manufactured in Taiwan or commissioned by Taiwanese companies. Positioned at affordable prices with international brand quality but excellent value for money, in order to win over the rational and smart middle class. Consumers must recognize and support it.

Weimar Company specializes in: Goplayer, PGA TOUR, BLKTEE, TEETIMES golf club bags, clothing bags, golf practice bags, club covers, anti-UV sunglasses, men's and women's clothing, sun protection sleeve jackets, ball caps, golf gloves, golf-specific shoes, Golf accessories, children's clubs, ball TEE, hat clips, belts, men's and women's socks, line markers, etc.