GoPlayer group clothing customization

Let GoPlayer create group clothing, bags, and hat styles for you. Before starting, read the following group clothing customization process & customization rules to save time on clothing customization.

  • local brand

    GoPlayer's head office is located in Taiwan, and its products and distribution points are located in major golf courses and driving ranges in Taiwan. You can contact us directly locally, communicate ideas, and get complete after-sales service. You can also consult the store manager at any distribution point to obtain samples or any assistance regarding our products.

  • Complete styles

    With more than 20 years of golf brand management and agency, we have rich experience, a complete product line and strict quality control. Products include golf apparel, bags, gloves, belts, sneakers, sun protection products, pole covers and other products.

  • super high quality

    In view of the customer attributes that GoPlayer serves in the golf field, we are committed to creating products with high quality, rich design and affordable prices. If you pursue both quality and price, then we will be your best choice.

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  • STEP 1 | Determine needs

    Before ordering, please determine your customization needs, including product quantity, expected delivery date, presence or absence of LOGO, and budget.

  • STEP 2 | Choose a style

    Please select an existing style: click to select

    Don’t have a style you like? Please skip to the next step. For customization requirements for other types of goods, please jump directly to the next step.

  • STEP 3 | Make a request

    After determining your needs and selecting styles in the above two steps, contact the store manager of each major distribution point , or directly fill in the customization request form, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

  • STEP 4 | Cooperation Negotiation

    A dedicated person will contact you within three working days of submitting the form. You can also directly add a dedicated LINE account (0902217305). Get in touch faster!

  • STEP 5 | Signing & Delivery Date

    It takes about 1 month to customize a ready-made style with a LOGO, and about 2 months to customize a new style with a LOGO. Please pay a deposit (50% of the order amount) after signing the contract. Production will start after receiving the deposit.

  • STEP 6 | Production & Delivery

    After production is completed, the customer will be notified, and delivery will begin after the customer pays the remaining balance.

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    Contact Weimar's major cooperative dealers to get assistance near your home or workplace.

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